Genre: Comedy


A Colourful Feast by Nocturna

Rated: M • 1 Reviews

Slayers Fanfiction, no category for it yet so mentioning that here lol. This is set after the whole series but there's basically no reference to anything outside characters' species. 

An Easter-themed fanfiction for the April Challenge


In appreciation for allowing him to feed off the emotions of her terrified enemies, Xellos gifts Lina a rare treasure - a dragon's egg. However whilst Lina envisions a delicious meal, Xellos has other plans. Surprisingly, both of them may enjoy this odd activity.

A Rare Opportunity by AquilaTempestas

Rated: PG • 2 Reviews

Diego and Shira get to spend some time alone, but little do they know they have an audience.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough by AquilaTempestas

Rated: General • 1 Reviews

Tyson hosts a karaoke session with the G-Revolutions at his place.

Butterflies by AquilaTempestas

Rated: General • 0 Reviews

What is Kai scared of? Ian investigates.

The Golden Gift by Footrot Flats

Rated: PG • 1 Reviews

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Some gifts are big. Others are small. The ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all. This is a story about how Tigress received the golden hanfu she wears in Kung Fu Panda 3. Please Read, Review & Enjoy!