Reviews For A Colourful Feast

Name: kuroinana (Signed) · Date: Apr 17 2022 11:16 AM · For: Chapter 1

OMG I was so happy when you said you were writing a Slayers one-shot and I even happier to read the result, it truly turned to be so cute and amazing. Your writing just flows and when I got to the end I couldn't get enough from it. Also Lina x Xellos is a great pairing, I love how Xellos is able to get under her skin lmao

Also, typical Lina wanting to eat the egg! I just love her so much. 

Author's Response:

I love these two so much, I'm so happy it turned out good~ I should do something else with these two at some point, I love writing Lina just being... Lina XD 


Thank you so much for your review! 

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