Misery by AquilaTempestas

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Story notes:

Some song lyrics I wrote many years ago during my teenage years. Very angsty and about a failed relationship. Angry pop rock heh.


[verse one]

I once believed that you and me

Were gonna be together forever

But now I realize that was just a fool's dream

Forever will never be

You said you loved me, you said you cared

Whispering sweet nothings into my ear

Comforting me when all hope seemed lost

What a fool I was to believe in you

You played my heart, poisoned my mind

Tore down my defences and left me in ruin

Never came to my aid, instead you sat with her

Making fun of my misery



Misery, is who I am

Broken, I cannot be mended

Despair, is my middle name

Suicide, might just be a good idea


[verse two]

There are days where I feel like I'm on top of the world

But these days are rare

Most days I feel like crap because I simply can't do shit

How useless I am, why am I still here?

Sometimes I wonder what the world sees in me,

A failure, a success, a loser or a geek?

Or do they not notice at all because they simply do not care

Questions I have, but no answers to the ones I seek

I'm a screw up, a failure, I'll never succeed

My path has been chosen and it's laid out for me

The future isn't bright; it was never meant to be

The world makes fun of my misery


[repeat chorus]


[verse three]

All I wanna do is be somebody to someone

To feel like I mean something, to feel some importance

To feel as though there is something to live for

I can hear your scornful comments, see the roll of your eyes

You say all I do is complain

And maybe I should just shut the hell up

But don't you see you and I are one the same?



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