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A Colourful Feast by Nocturna

Rated: M • 1 Reviews

Slayers Fanfiction, no category for it yet so mentioning that here lol. This is set after the whole series but there's basically no reference to anything outside characters' species. 

An Easter-themed fanfiction for the April Challenge


In appreciation for allowing him to feed off the emotions of her terrified enemies, Xellos gifts Lina a rare treasure - a dragon's egg. However whilst Lina envisions a delicious meal, Xellos has other plans. Surprisingly, both of them may enjoy this odd activity.

Battle Cry of the Sunbirds by Nocturna

Rated: M • 1 Reviews

What would happen if God was not infallible? With an almighty but foolish God in charge, the noble birdfolk are often left to resolve their Father's mistakes. However sometimes that responsibility can be debilitating, as former general Prince Niko is forced to learn. Thankfully his best friend Ace, warden of the underworld, is there to help him pick up the pieces, even as the world begins to slowly fall apart.

Shattered Memories by Nocturna

Rated: M • 2 Reviews

Rosa wants to live like any normal teenager with an annoying sibling despite her amnesia, which also strangely affects the voice in her head which calls itself Rio. However after meeting some seemingly familiar people, her and her younger sister Lily's lives get flipped upside down. And when they are both dragged into demonic conflict and her sister is taken from her for seemingly no reason, she cannot find her on her own.